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The European Export Control Association for Research Organisations (EECARO) is a network that aims to unite European Union research institutes, universities and their export control compliance officers with a view to address the specific character of export controls in a research context.

EECARO welcomes export control officers and other compliance officers of European (plus EFTA) research institutes and universities. EECARO provides a platform for exchanging information and sharing experiences on how to comply with export control regulations, with the aim to enhance the quality and effectiveness of partners’ internal export control compliance programmes.

Through joint collaboration with its members, EECARO acts as a reliable and uniform source of expertise to European and national governments when setting a legal framework and/or policy for export control issues affecting research institutes and universities. EECARO analyzes and advocates for policies and regulations of interest to higher education.

EECARO Chronicles

Research institutions and universities have to deal with a wide range of scientific projects that create new and emerging items. This brings on unique compliance challenges due to ambiguous export control regulations in an open-science culture.

The need to address these challenges has been the primary reason for the founding members of EECARO to unite knowledge and experiences and make them accessible to a greater audience. A first digital meeting of the founding members took place in February 2021. EECARO membership provides access to a network of your peers in research institutes and universities in the European Union, and the possibility to participate in annual export control compliance conference, in working groups addressing specific export control subtopics, and the chance to contribute to position papers and to engage with government officials to ensure a European level playing field.

EECARO welcomes all members, supporting each other to ensure and enhance best practices in export control compliance in a work-environment where academic freedom and open science are core values.

EECARO Founding Members


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