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EECARO's Feedback on the 'Enhancing Research Security in Europe' Call for Evidence

EECARO welcomes the stakeholder consultation in preparation of the Commission proposal for a Council Recommendation on boosting research security in the European Union. EECARO focuses its initial feedback, grouped into the 8 points as in the attached file, to the intersection between export controls, research security, economic security and knowledge security. Download here.

EECARO Statutes

Please find our statutes on the following link : DOWNLOAD

EECARO comments to the EU Consultation to Guidelines for data collection and preparing of the EU annual report on dual-use export controls under Regulation (EU) 821/2021

EECARO has responded on February 23, 2023 to the EU Consultation on Guidelines for data collection and preparation of the EU annual report on dual-use export controls under Regulation (EU) 821/2021. EECARO has proposed recommendations to enhance the public reporting and transparency as to contribute to a (much needed) level playing field within the European Union regarding the application of export licensing criteria, updates to the control list and the enforcement of common export control rules.

Technical assistance (article 8 of the EU Dual Use Regulation)

As per the considerations mentioned in recital (13) of the Regulation, the European introduction of a license requirement for  ‘technical assistance’  is to increase the awareness, especially in research organisations and universities, of the risks associated with the provision of such ‘technical assistance’. To address these risks through an effective and robust compliance programme, EECARO calls out to the EU legislator to provide additional guidance on the interpretation of the specific conditional requirements in article 8 of the Regulation.

EECARO comments to EU-US Trade and Technology Council Export Controls Working Group 7 (ECWG)

EECARO has addressed the importance of a common approach regarding the interpretation and application of export control laws and regulations in the US and EU and provided comments to the Working Group 7 of the EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC).